Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's been a quiet week

Its’ been a strange sort of week. On the steel front it has been quiet, with enquiries few and far between. January and February are normally fairly quiet in manufacturing, but the silence at the moment is a little eerie. Little to report on the newsfront, but it will be interesting to see how the bullishness of the steel producers on the prices and the low demand levels pan out.Jean Broadhurst died this week. Jean was a well known and often controversial figure in the world of steel in the Midlands. Her businesses including European Steels made her a multi millionaire estimated to be worth around £55 million. I never met Jean, but I did some business with her brother David some years ago, although I heard he had bought a golf course and moved in to the leisure industry. Jean was certainly a colourfull character, and her demise marks the end of an era.Because it has been quiet, I have spent more time than I should have on the internet (all in the name of research), and could not help but notice that Ebay seems to appear in the sponsored links for almost every phrase you enter into a search engine!, I know you can get most things on Ebay, but a boeing 747!I wonder how many people click on sponsored links as opposed to the “natural” results that the search engines find. The problem with many sponsored links is that I often find the sites have little content related to the subject entered. the ability to pay for inclusion seems to have little relationship to the quality of the site itself.Anyway enough rambling its Saturday, and I need to get some jobs done before settling down to the quarter final, followed by the six nations.

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