Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Don't send me shopping

I had to go to ASDA again yesterday, my “other half” hates shopping, which suits me really, as I can get round the supermarket in ten minutes flat, and it means no Bank Holiday’s being dragged round the sales. I needed something that I could “nuke” for my dinner as Ellen is away visiting her daughter in Cambridge for a couple of days. Anyway with two frozen curries (can recommend the Jalfrezi), two bottles of Bordeux, and a pork pie basketed, I headed for the checkout, when I spotted another bargain. I should add I am a sucker for gadgets; I have a collection of the most “useless” items collecting dust in the attic. Yes I am the guy that bought the electric wine bottle opener and the clip-on reading light! Anyway no home should be without a DAB radio and at £49.95 it would be irresponsible not to buy one.
Actually I’m quite chuffed with it, no tuning, great sound and it looks like one of them old CB stations (yea I fell for that as well). Now what’s this BBC 7 all about!

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