Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Printers and Triffids

I have always been aware of the fact that most goods can be bought at better prices on the internet than on the high street. I have booked my flights and purchased “downloadable” software on the net for years, but I have always been a bit wary of buying goods on the net, as I like somewhere to take faulty goods back too, should they fail.
Well my old Canon printer finally spluttered it’s last somewhat “dodgy” page on Monday morning, and since I had to send out a few “what happened to the cheque, that was in the post” letters, a new printer became an immediate priority. I did some fast research and decided that a HP 1215 was “just the job” and started checking prices. Although my local PC World stocked it, they were some 30% higher in price than the best online retailers, but I needed the printer today! I had gone back to the PC World website, when I noticed that they had a much lower and competitive price as a “web only offer”, furthermore it seemed to say that you could order online and collect from your local store that same day. So I placed the order and duly collected from PC World Telford one hour later. What a brilliant system, heads-up to PC world :) Oh and the combined printer, scanner copier in true HP style, is “cock-on”.

To keep maintenance to a minimum and allow for more time relaxing with a drink in the garden than actually working in it, we have no lawn at the back of the house. Instead there is a membrane covered in attractive limestone chippings that theoretically stops the invasion of deep rooted weeds. Now this membrane is “industrial”, it’s actually twice as thick as the earth’s crust. So how the hell can the bloody dandelion not only penetrate this but actually flourish? Now I wonder if I remove the chippings and replace the membrane with half inch steel plate, will the buggers will get through that?

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