Wednesday, June 15, 2005


What a waste of Bandwidth.

Tonight I was using BlogPulse to check out any chat in the steel world. I have found some “gold” out there amongst the web logs, although it can be a painstaking job to find it.

What really “pissed me off” whoever was ploughing the bandwidth wasting drivel, which is epitomised by this site

Go check it out!

All this guy is doing is posting words or phrases that lead to a website with listings (paid presumably) that in turn lead to related manufacturers. There is not anywhere a line of copy, a single gem of wisdom, or humorous remark, to break up the relentless minute by minute postings that take up page after page of the search engine listings.

It gets even better! The Literary genius behind this gem is responsible for another 30 web-logs, all I am sure demonstrating the same journalistic flair illustrated so strikingly in his building and products masterpiece.

Now I have no problem with “Portals” or directories that link to areas of trade, they are useful tools, but it is the abuse of a blog that leads to pages and pages of listings in the search engines, all leading to one crappy directory that really annoys me. Having to wade through screen after screen of essentially the same shitty link, will put off all but the most determined researcher, and leave the impression that web logs are a waste of time and effort. That is a shame, because there is a lot of good reading out there in the Blogsphere.

Looking on the bright side, I’ve managed a couple of decent glasses of Scotland’s finest whilst posting this rant!


Michael said... is gone.

Did you do that?

Steve said...


I did nothing other draw attention to the sight. I can't say I will miss it though:)