Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bloody Voice mail

I am not an “early riser”, very little happens in my world much before 07.30 that is sufficiently exciting for me to have any desire to be awake for it. I was mightily pissed then to be woken by my mobile with a voicemail from Tracy, asking me to call her when I arrived at the office.

Now I don’t know anyone called Tracy (although I am sure I have seen her business card in a few telephone boxes), and people dialling wrong numbers is nothing new, but what became really annoying is that my mobile continued to “bleep” every five minutes to alert me to the fact that I had received a voicemail, which I had already listened too.

Now I have to call my voicemail service to listen to a message I have already heard, that was not for me, at a premium rate to delete it and stop my phone bleeping at me incessantly. In an effort to stop this happening I have been through every option on my phone only to find that the menu system allows me to activate voicemail alert (which is already activated), but not to turn it off!

I came across an article recently, where “phone content providers”, were complaining that a large percentage of the mobile phones in use were too basic to receive the higher added value content they were developing. Does it not occur to them that perhaps the market does not want their added value content? Added value = more money in the network providers coffers, for crap that we don’t either need or want!

My mobile does not play mp3’s, or video, takes crappy photographs but is quite capable of making and receiving phone calls with the added advantage of storing and displaying caller details. Surprisingly, that is what I bought it for! I have never downloaded a ring tone, and just what makes them think that I would want to spend the cost of a good night out on downloading a shit quality movie clip to watch on a screen the size of a postage stamp is beyond me.

I have a great idea for adding value, make it possible for me to turn off annoying features like voicemail alert! Now who do I send the marketing consultancy fee too?

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