Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We've brought some sun back from Turkey

I have just come back from a short break in Turkey, with my significant “other half”, who has finally realised her dream of having a home in the sun.
Having left Birmingham on a wet and windy Monday night, we appear to have brought some Mediterranean sun back with us, so I am writing this dispatch on the laptop in the back garden. The greenfly seem to have taken up residence whilst we were away so it’s bug spraying when I finish (at least no mozzies here!)
I find checking my emails when I have been away for a few days a bloody chore, mainly because most of what I receive is absolute crap, but I have to go through them so as not to miss the real ones. For anyone that is interested in statistics 245 emails downloaded (plus 54 quarantined by my ISP), 23 vaguely relevant, and about a dozen that were worth taking the time to read. It’s the downside of the internet that anyone with three brain cells can bombard us with the all the crap that they do. What I can’t understand is how the hell they think anyone is going to even dream of buying anything off them. I have known some seriously “thick” people in my time, but even the most stupid of them would surely not buy prescription drugs from some guy they don’t know from Adam, who lives God Knows where. I mean even if they got something in return for their money (highly unlikely), are they then going to actually take it!
A new one I see a lot goes along the lines of “thank you for your order for (insert some crap here), your account has been debited for $375, please follow link to check despatch details. Yea I am going to do that!
Listening to Jeremy Vine at the moment and they are discussing the English attitude to displaying flags, as it appears that a number of council’s have an issue with businesses and homes flying the cross of St. George. Having just returned from Turkey, where there national flag is flying everywhere it seems strange that we appear to have a problem with National pride here. Of more concern is that the same attitude seems to permeate British Business and specifically engineering. Britain has a great tradition of engineering innovation, but unfortunately, few ambassadors prepared to “fly the flag” for us. Despite the fact that he regularly “takes the rise” out of my old South Yorkshire hometown I cannot help but have a great respect for Jeremy Clarkson as a man with a passion for engineering and a champion for British achievement. Despite his enthusiasm he is quick to criticise our national failures, and notwithstanding his acerbic style, his plain speaking has merit. His article on MG Rover is worth a read.
Let’s have a few more out there, actually working in the engineering sector letting the world know just how good we are, MG Rover may have gone but British Engineering can match the best in the world, we just need a few more people prepared to stand up and shout it

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