Thursday, July 21, 2005

Urgently wanted - Galvanised Steel Strip

We are currently seeking to find a supplier for hot dip galvanized or electrolytic coated narrow steel strip. We are able to source ex wide sheet in the standard thicknesses available from that source, but we really need to find a company who can supply cold rolled strip to specific widths and gauges that is coated in the narrow form. Alternatively we would be interested to make contact with any subcontractor who can apply coatings to steel in coil form. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Contact details steve@steelstrip[dot]co[dot]uk


steven edward streight said...

Hello Steve.

I'd like to help you with your blog, if I may.

I suggest that when you ask for help or leads, you make it easier for people to respond.

Display a non-harvestable rendering of your email address:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

is how I do it. This keeps spambots from "harvesting" your email address. They spider through blogs constantly.

Also, think of better titles.

"Help With Galvanized Steel" is good.

Better might be:

"WANTED: Galvanizing for Steel Coils and Wire Products--contact me NOW"

or similar, just tossed this off without much thought. Hey, it's free.


You could also include a link to more detailed specs, more contact info (name of your guy or gal that handles sourcing directly), etc.

Your link copy could be a little bit better.

Rather than "full report here" with "here" as the hypertext link...

"Read the full report on custom doohickey wheels"


"full report on custom doohickey wheels"

as the linked text to click select.

This boosts your search engine optimization value, the SE spiders will give it higher rank as outgoing link.

SE spiders look for rich relevant fresh content.

I have many more suggestions, but this is a fine blog.

Are you sure you have no need of photos?

Doesn't my good buddy Paul Woodhouse use images in his Tinbasher blog?

Steven Streight/Vaspers the Grate

Steve said...

Thanks for your comments Steven, I have emailed you

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