Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Steel Strip Suppliers

The major steel manufacturers either due to their importance or as a result of their publicity department have little trouble in broadcasting news and information through the media.

The distribution of steel products to the end user however is mainly undertaken by steel service centres or independent processors and distributors. It is these companies that deliver the final product and are ultimately responsible for the service and quality experienced by the marketplace.

Without the benefit of a publicity department or an external PR company it is much more difficult for these companies to broadcast details of their activities and products to potential customers.

Here at Steelstrip World we would like to keep our visitors informed of what is happening in the supply chain, to provide information about potential suppliers and the products and services they offer. To assist us in this we would invite steel service centres, cold rollers, distributors and stockholders to tell us about your company. Let us know what you are doing and we will let a world of potential customers know about you. We will be happy to publish your news here.

This weblog along with our site at Steelstrip Resources reach a larger audience than any other steel strip related sites. We are visited by a highly targeted audience in the steel and steel user industries. Help us provide more information by letting us and our audience know about you and maybe helping yourselves find new customers.

Just a reminder, that any steel strip supplier, or processor can enter their details free on Steelstrip Resources by contacting us here

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