Thursday, May 04, 2006

Servosteel's new website

It is rare for me to come across a steel related website that manages to combine an attractive layout and presentation with easy access to all the information a visitor could possibly want.

Well I have found a great example at Servosteel’s new website. The home page is nicely designed and provides clear access to all the facts you could require about the company, from the operational structure, to the technical specification of the plant. Contacts details are easy to locate, and the addition of a News column on the left hand column of the front page, should allow them to keep the site current.

Servosteel are the UK’s number one Steel toll processor, offering pickling, slitting and decoiling facilities. They are based at two sites in the heart of the West Midlands, in the heart of the UK’s “metal bashing” industry.

Go and check out the site, it’s an example of how a good site should be designed.

I do not know the people at Design Jazz who created the website, but I am giving them a mention for a great piece of work.


Alan Muscat said...

Hi Steve
thanks for your kind comments about our design of the Servosteel website, it's rare to get such a detailed critique of our work, and given that yours was such a positive one, you made our day!
Keep up the good work.

Steve said...


You are most welcome. "wading" through the internet to put together my portal, I come across thousands of sites. Most are poor, many are "crap", so it's refreshing to find a site that does not rely on a 30 second flash animation to state:

"hey our site is rubbish" but the flash is so WOW. Please waste the next minute to look for information that you are not going to find.

Good job done mate.