Thursday, May 18, 2006

Simulation to reduce press shop set up times

Corus has developed a new and unique technology called In-Form that applies the latest computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation techniques to help optimise the set-up of automotive press shop processes. Following extensive trials, In-Form has demonstrated that it can help vehicle makers improve manufacturability and quality of complex stamped body panels thereby significantly reducing press shop set-up lead-times. With the growing use of high-tech steels in today’s automotive press shops, it is increasingly important for carmakers to better understand how steel blanks will deform and flow as they are pressed.

This is particularly important for large and complicated components such as bodysides.

The traditional press shop set-up approach relies on practical iterations in fine-tuning of both blanks and tooling, frequently meaning many wasted trial parts until the process is optimised, which is both time consuming and costly.

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It will be interesting to see how this development works out, and if it will be possible for smaller volume pressworkers and stampers to be able adopt the system, or a similar one to reduce press set-up time. Many pressshops and stampers have a huge range of tooling for smaller batch runs and press set-up time must be a costly factor in manufacturing components.

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Michael said...

There is a company here in Oakville with a similar sounding product.

We don't do any stretch forming, so I never had opportunity to check it out, but if you do, I can see where such software would be a great help.

It isn't cheap, though. But then, neither are all those test blanks.