Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Tinbasher praised again

I have plugged Paul’s blog over at the Tinbasher on a number of occasions, not least because it was discovering his blog that got me started with this “mularkey”. Although his site is linked in my sidebar, for those of you who do not follow the blogrolls, do yourselves a favour and head over and check it out.

Paul uses his blog to promote Butler Sheet Metal a small fabricator in the North West of England, not the sort of business that you would normally seek to read about. He does however strike a great balance between informing and entertaining, something that professional copywriters could learn from.

I recently spotted an article here at the oddly named Pajama Market Small Business Blog, where Paul was interviewed after having two of his blogs, the Tinbasher and the pub-blog picked as small business blogs of the day.

I know Paul is heading Stateside in the near future, our loss will be their gain. I hope (and know) however that whatever Paul does will be undertaken with all that dry Northern wit that is almost his trademark. The Guardian and the BBC have had the sense to interview Paul, when writing or broadcasting on the subject of Blogging, I am not sure what the Wall Street Journal will make of him.

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