Monday, July 03, 2006

A internet price comparison site that works

Although I have used internet price comparison sites for some time now, I often find myself frustrated by the process. Being forced to re-type previously recorded details, because you wish to amend/correct one entry is my number one pet hate.

As long as you have “cookies” enabled for the particular site, it is bad design to require the repeat typing of information after initial entry.

Another common frustration is with holiday and flight only sites, that do make it easy to search other destinations for the same date and party size, or offer alternative dates for a given destination. These again force the repeated re-entering of information.

It was refreshing therefore to come across which claims to be:

The place for cheaper car insurance and savings on your home insurance! Fill in one form, and we do all the legwork for you. We go to 96% of car insurers on the net and 65% of online home insurers.

Well it actually worked for me! Fill the form in once and get your quotes in a couple of minutes, altering any detail is no problem, just edit the one entry and away you go.

A link to the quote page is emailed along with a single click update facility.

I cannot recommend this site highly enough, it just works!

Oh and I saved £75 on my insurance which represents 40% of my renewal on a “like for like”  basis  

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