Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Girl has Steel in her family’s veins

It’s not so often I post a human interest story, but I spotted this one in the Scunththorpe Telegraph.

As the fourth generation in a steelmaking family, Donna Jackson was expected to take up a career in the industry - but she was not expected to make history.For the one-time student at Foxhills School Technology College is hoping to become the first-ever female structural engineer in 106 years of steel- making in Scunthorpe. Even her dad, Allan (42) - whose father and grandfather both worked in the Scunthorpe steel industry before him - was initially taken aback by her choice of career. Donna (17), who signed on at the Corus works last September as a structural engineering apprentice, revealed: “I think dad was shocked, because it was not a usual choice of career for a female to follow.

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