Thursday, August 24, 2006

Go West Young man – or- Woody heads “Stateside”

As described in his inimitable style over at the Tinbasher, Mr. Woodster has finally got his grubby, metal bashing mitts on his visa!

In early September subject to his luggage being clear of bomb making paraphernalia, black pudding, and welding equipment he will be heading west to the land of the free. Quite what the “land of the free” will make of our Woody is another matter!

Being from the North of England (albeit, not on God’s side of the Pennines), he is as you will be aware if you read his blogs, a plain speaking man! His musings over at the Tinbasher and The Tap Room never disappoint and his wry observations have provided me with entertainment and inspiration, since I first came across his scribblings in early 2005. It was in fact the discovery of the Tinbasher that spurred me to start blogging myself.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Tinbasher is an exceptional “small business blog”, and has been recognised as such by the Bloggerati, the press and even the bloody BBC! A mention in the “Barnsley ferret keepers monthly” would have made me happy.

Having a Northern accent (I am informed), is an asset in the manufacturing industry as you are perceived as being straightforward and honest. When I was in the USA however I was perceived as being Australian, and they don’t even call me Bruce. I am sure that Paul will have no problem being understood, and even if he does he can resolve any communication in the normal English way, by shouting.

Keep on Blogging mate, keep your feet on the ground, and give our North American cousins plenty of our “Northern Charm”. Oh and since I have just heard on the News that the population in Britain has just reached 60 million, your departure will help resolve our overcrowding problem.

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