Monday, August 21, 2006

Viewer “up in smoke” about Tom and Jerry

Children’s TV channel Boomerang are to edit scenes from Tom and Jerry cartoons where characters are shown smoking. The move follows an investigation by media watchdog Ofcom into a viewer’s complaint that the vintage animations were not appropriate for young viewers.


As I understand this report, they had a complaint from 1 viewer! Now the idea that kid’s of the age that are likely to watch Tom and Jerry are going to be motivated to rush out and buy a pack of twenty upon seeing a quick scene of Tom “lighting up” is absolutely ridiculous. From what I can remember of Tom and Jerry, the complainant seems to have overlooked the constant violence (which he/she clearly has no objection to exposing kids too!) as long as no one has a smoke.

Censoring our past in this way, is a pathetic and pointless excercise, and a further example of the insanity in to which political correctness is descending!

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