Thursday, September 28, 2006

Honda Increases UK Production

Twenty years after Honda manufacturing began in Swindon, the Japanese company has announced increases in production and workforce at the factory. 700 new jobs are being created, and most of them are in Production, though there are also "employment opportunities" for Purchasing Specialists and Maintenance Engineers.

Honda is doing this quite simply to meet demand for its cars. In the first eight months of this year, it has sold more Civics than it did in the whole of 2006. Swindon will also be the manufacturing base for the new CR-V, which goes on sale in January.

By the end of this year Honda expects to have built 190,000 cars in the UK. The increased workforce will bring production capacity up to 250,000, a figure Honda is confident of reaching in 2007.

If Honda can make it work in the UK, then maybe Peugot need to learn from the Japanese manufacturer.


                   Swindon Factory


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