Thursday, December 21, 2006

Steel Industry photographs

A comment by Vincent on yesterday's posting about steel searches, advised me of a group on Flickr dedicated to photographs of Steel plants.

Whilst they are probably of little interest to the casual browser, to anyone in the steel industry they contain some interesting and at times even beautiful pictures.

Whilst I have worked all of my life in the steel industry, it is many years since I have been based at a Steelmaking plant, and at least ten years since I saw a furnace (The Falck electric melting shop at Sesto San Giovanni, close to Milan).

I am sure that there are a number of others out there that have memories of steel plants long gone, in Europe and North America, whose locations are now shopping malls or business parks. It would be interesting to "unearth" any pictures out there of some of these old plants. Whilst I appreciate these are likely to be somewhat rarer than modern pictures which are more numerous due to the development of digital photography, I am sure they exist in the offices of magazines, newspapers and private collections.

If anyone has any, and would be prepared to post them on the flickr steel group, I would love to receive a link to them , which I will post on the blog.

On a purely personal level, does anyone have any old pictures of the Steel, Peech and Tozer or Parkgate steel plants in Rotherham? (Now Corus, well at least for a few more weeks!)

Oh and for anyone interested, BBC Radio 2 produced a program called the Song of Steel earlier this year about the Sheffield steel industry, details on their website here.




Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve for promoting the photo group. I've just added old paper photos back from 80's when the blast furnace of Hayange (France) was built. I'm really looking forward to see other members of the group add such photo.

Unknown said...

You are welcome,I was pleased to discover the group through you.
I met with Usinor in London a few years ago, but unfortunately I never got to visit any of the plants in France.