Saturday, January 06, 2007

Google Steel Search

Following on from my earlier posting about the Google Co-op search engine, it is now implemented and we are beginning to refine it.

I am furthermore pleased to announce that we now have the help of another Steel Professional from "across the pond", and I am sure the search engine will benefit hugely from his contribution. maybe I can even persuade him to contribute to this Blog!

The Google Co-op Steel Search engine can be found on the right, above the Swicki Search.

As always your comments on how useful you find the searches compared with the more general search engines is always appreciated.

Oh and you can add the steel search engine to your "customised" google home-page by clicking the "add to Google" logo. If you are not using a customised Google page then why not? find out more here

1 comment:

Grant said...

You might be able to pursuade him to contribute!

The Google search is filling up, and it works well. Perhaps if readers come across sites that may be of interest to others in the steel industry, they can be added, if they leave the links in a comment.