Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maybe "Not so grim up North"

At least as far as manufacturing goes according  to the CBI


The latest Regional Trends Survey published by the CBI and Experian show that the rise at a UK level in new manufacturing orders over the past three months was the strongest since the spring of 2004. The north east and the north west stand out as posting the sharpest gains among all regions, and in the case of the north west the upturn was the steepest since 1995. Expectations of new orders for the next three months are very positive in the north east, driven by an extremely buoyant export order outlook.

It was a similar pattern for factory output. The UK rise – the most marked since 1995 – was led by the north west, with the north east also faring well. Another northern region, Yorkshire and the Humber, also recorded a pick-up in output well above the national average.

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