Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SeverCorr, cold mill to start April 1 -

 SeverCorr will start up its tandem cold-rolling mill April 1, John Correnti, CEO said Tuesday at the Port of Tampa's 18th annual steel conference. Correnti said his Mississippi-based mini-mill is already purchasing limited tonnage of hot-rolled coil and has already started the pickling and oiling line. He added that he's now buying hot-rolled from Ohio-based AK Steel, Kentucky-based Gallatin, and Indiana-based Steel Dynamics.

The closely watched project, backed also by Severstal North America, is unique in that its hot-end steelmaking follows a mini-mill configuration of electric arc furnace melting and thin-slab casting (36-74-inch widths). SeverCorr's pickling, cold-rolling and galvanizing lines, however, resemble finishing units "seen in almost any integrated mill in the US," noted Correnti.

A key market for the new mill will be automotive sheet, which Correnti expects will consume about 25% of the mill's 1.5 million st/year output, when fully operational. There are also plans to expand production to 3.2 million st/year "sooner, rather than later," Correnti said.


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