Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Killed By Molten Steel

At least 32 workers have been killed after tonnes of molten metal fell on them at a steel plant in China.

An investigation has been launched after a huge ladle carrying the liquid broke off at the Qinghe Special Steel Corporation in Tieling, a city in Liaoning province.

A statement by a state safety watchdog said the ladle "suddenly dropped and 30 tons of the liquid spilled out into a workshop five metres away".

The statement said those responsible for the incident were "under control" but did not elaborate.

All 32 staff in the room were killed and another two workers operating the machine were seriously injured.

An employee at the steel company said an investigation was underway but refused to give any details.

Industrial accidents killed more than 127,000 people in China in 2005.

Last year, state media reported that the government will spend nearly £30bn over the next five years to reduce the high death toll in coal mines and other dangerous workplaces.

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