Monday, January 28, 2008

Small quantities of hardened and tempered steel strip

We have recently started to receive an increasing number of enquiries for small quantities of hardened and tempered spring steel strip. many of these are coming from engineering companies equipped with laser cutting facilities.

The advantage of hardened and tempered steel strip over annealed material is the cost saving on heat treating components after blanking.

The bulk of spring steel strip is supplied in the annealed condition with a maximum hardness of between 180 and 200 vickers (for other hardness conversions see here). The annealing process allows the material to be blanked, punched and formed with relative ease. The resulting components however are not in a condition to perform their function as a spring. Further heat treatment is required, where the steel components are re-heated and quenched and this can be an expensive process.

With pre-hardened material, this last process is not required. Whilst hardened and tempered material carries a price premium over annealed material, this is more than offset by the saving in subsequent heat treatment. Hardened steel is mostly used for the manufacture of flat components that require no forming, such as saws, blades, printers rules, chains etc.

Due to the increasing demand we are discovering for these small quantities, we have formed partnerships within the UK and Europe to help facilitate supply.

BSS Steel Strip are able to offer competitive bulk supplies from our principals Rizzato, or small quantities down to a few kilos for small production runs or prototype work. We can ship throughout the UK and Europe and most parts of the world.

Whilst we cannot claim to stock all gauges  in all grades, we will always try to accommodate your requirements, or suggest alternative suppliers.

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