Friday, January 25, 2008

Steel firm considers mine plan

Coal could continue to have a strong Welsh future after steelmakers Tata Corus yesterday confirmed its interest in reopening one of the nation’s “superpits”.

The steel giant’s move at Margam, near Port Talbot, could eventually secure 400 new jobs underground.

Ironically, the announcement came on the day before Wales’ last deep mine – Tower Colliery – closed. But the news that Tata has now obtained an exploratory licence for the Margam mine prompted First Minister Rhodri Morgan to predict a bright future for the industry.

Robert Dangerfield, spokesman for the Indian-based steel firm, said, “With the rising cost of energy across the world it would be ideal for a steel plant to have a coking mine across the road.

I have long been of the opinion that the rush to close coal mines in the 1980's was a big mistake, taken for political rather than economic reasons. I hope for the sake of Corus, and the people of Wales that this ambition is realised

Steel firm considers mine plan - icWales

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