Friday, March 14, 2008

Corus Llanelli jobs safe- for now

Jobs at Llanelli's Corus tinplate works are safe - for the time being at least, bosses say.Rumours have been circulating the town over the future of jobs in the Trostre-based works, as the European market for tin appears to be on a downward curve.
However, the Star, after receiving several phone calls from worried workers, contacted bosses at the plant to get the official line. The good news is there are no immediate plans to cut jobs - but the bad news is that possible cutbacks cannot be ruled out in the future.
A spokesman for Corus said: "There is no announcement about jobs in the offing. Not today, not next week. We understand people's worries, but we cannot offer a guarantee about the future."

The spokesman went on to assure the firm's workers that if any redundancies were to be brought to bear in the future, they would be dealt with in a fair and proper manner.
"If the need to review jobs does arise in the future, you can be assured we will do it in a conscientious manner, in consultation with the unions and local politicians," he said.

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