Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Small quantities of spring steel strip.

BSS Steel Strip has recognised the demand from small engineering, fabricating and laser cutting companies for small quantities of spring steel.

To serve this market we are able to offer a range of spring steels from 0.05mm (.002") to 3.25mm (0.128") in the hardened or annealed condition, suitable for blanking, drilling, laser cutting etc.

We recognise that many companies have requirements for quantities that most stockists are unable to supply, but we can!

Even if you require only one or two strips for trial purposes, we are rarely unable to assist. Don’t spend hours or days phoning around the country, an increasing number of engineers are finding that they only need to make one call to source their low volume special requirements.


We are now able to accept payment by credit card, more details of what we stock here.


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