Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Steel Search

For some time now we have provided a steel search using the Swicki engine provided by Eurekster.

We have noticed that the link has not been working for a few days now, and came across the following article, an extract from which appears below :-

Social/wiki search engine provider Eurekster has been down for the past two days and users are wondering if the company will return to provide the site search functionality that many have come to depend on. Things look rough for the company.

Eurekster provides a service called a Swicki, a search function that lets site owners identify what other sites in their community they would like to have included in their Swicki search results. We've used Swicki here at ReadWriteWeb for some time, as have many other blogs and online communities. The company offered revenue sharing from search ads. Eurekster says that more than 100,000 sites have created Swickis and traffic to Eurekster used to be strong.

What's Going On?

Both Eurekster and are down and users report to us that's been the case for the past two days. Traffic to the site has plummeted since the start of the year and key executives have departed. According to their LinkedIn profiles, VP of Engineering Blair Cassidy and VP of Product Development Tac Leung left the company in March and April respectively - but both are still listed on the company's management page. As we publish this, neither emails nor phone messages have been returned by the company. Channel Marketing Manager at Eurekster Alex Holmes sent out one Twitter message two days ago reading "temporary service outage on . Swickis will be back shortly."

We are hoping that service will be resumed, but it's beginning to look less likely. We still have the Google steel search running, and we will continue to support it.

Trouble at Eurekster? Things Don't Look Good - ReadWriteWeb

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