Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cold Rolled Steel Strip Suppliers

We are all now aware of the escalating costs of steel. Whilst the steel makers began increasing steel prices in January, the cost of cold rolled steel strip has been  slower to catch up. The increases are now however beginning to impact upon the cold rolled marketplace, with prices increasing rapidly around the world.

Whilst changing suppliers can be a traumatic experience, failing to consider alternatives during this difficult time would be a dangerous oversight. SteelStrip Resources, has been providing information on the steel strip marketplace for the last ten years and is the most comprehensive guide to the industry on the internet. As well as product information we supply comprehensive listings of producers and service centres around the world. If you are considering potential new suppliers the best starting point would be there. listings can be found here, with links to producers in the different geographic regions of the world.

if you are based in the UK and are looking for a mill supplier, you can check out domestic and overseas suppliers from the site. BSS Steelstrip  are the UK agents for the Italian based Rizzato group, and we would be happy to quote for your cold rolled strip.We can offer mild steel, and high carbon in the annealed, temper rolled or hardened and tempered condition from Italy's largest independent cold rolled producer.

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You're not wrong about the price of steel. I'm in the Structural Engineering niche.