Monday, July 28, 2008

Steel Transport Solutions

Whilst investigating costs on importing Steel from the USA, I came across a company that offer cost effective solutions.

As heavy payload shippers, you may be only too aware that both UK and/or US legal road weights are restricting you from maximising your container payload weights. ICE Transport co. Inc is a market leader in US heavy weight container payloads. We offer heavy weight containerised programs up to 25T payloads to many key US states FL, GA, IL, MI, NC, NJ, NY, PA, VA.

We also offer on-dock warehousing at key USA & UK ports; providing dray, strip and conventional delivery expertise. The unique selling point of “on-dock and dray, strip & van” is that it offers significant cost savings by legally allowing you to take advantage of the maximum payload weights for a container. Containers that would be too heavy for US or UK roads are drayed legally and safely to our on-dock warehouse facilities; unpacked and then distributed/delivered at legal road weights by conventional vans or flatbed truck.. Overall [door to door] ocean transport moves are reduced; producing outstanding overall cost benefits (per ton). 

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