Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Construction steel prices hold steady in UK

The prices for construction steel remain steady in the UK, despite the failure of the steel manufacturers to impose a £60.00 increase according to the Contract Journal.

Steel prices will not drop this year despite a dramatic downturn in demand and falls in raw material costs.

Steel construction specialists are predicting prices will stabilise at current levels well into next year as the era of rampant price rises comes to an end.

Producers tried to implement their latest rise of £60-a-tonne at the start of this month. But contractors said the increase has not been accepted by the industry.

British Constructional Steelwork Association president Richard Barrett said: "A price rise was planned for the beginning of October of £60-a-tonne, but producers are having difficulty getting that through. We won't see any more price increases for some time."

A plateau in prices will be some relief after years of increases. But contractors are not banking on prices falling in the near future.

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