Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Annealing Steel Strip

Steel Strip is annealed to:-

  1. Soften the strip for improved forming and workability
  2. To remove stresses induced during cold rolling, or uneven cooling
  3. To remove coarse grain

Almost all cold rolled steel strip will have undergone the annealing process, normally prior to a final "skin pass", a final light reduction.

Annealing is basically a heat treatment process which involves the heating and controlled cooling of strip, usually in the coil condition. The annealing process usually takes place inside a controlled atmosphere to reduce/ eliminate decarburisation.

Articles going in to more detail can be found here, or over at Wikipedia.

We have been asked a few times about the availability of annealing on a sub-contract basis, and whilst we are unfortunately unable to offer, we are pleased to advise that G John Power Ltd in Halesowen are able to offer this facility.

G John Power Ltd is a Steel Wire Manufacturer based in Halesowen, West Midlands we are a family owned company trading since 1947.  Over the last 10 years the company has invested heavily in atmosphere controlled annealing furnaces successfully servicing the local Wire and Strip markets with quick quality bright annealing.  We currently anneal around 5000 tonnes per annum and have recently installed three more annealing bases to give extra capacity.  All bases are electronically monitored and have a nitrogen atmosphere with the new additions capable of annealing Copper and Brass

You can contact them via the website link above, or on 0121 550 3112. Thanks to Dean Horton (Operations manager) for the link.

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