Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tata Steel endows professorship in Metallurgy at Cambridge

Tata Steel has announced a donation to the University of Cambridge to endow a professorship in Metallurgy to support fundamental research into steel.

The university announced that the professorship is named Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy.

The first steel expert to hold the post is Indian-origin Professor Harry Badeshia, a noted expert in physical steel metallurgy.

The professor, inaugurated in Cambridge on Monday, is based in the university's Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.

The university said: “The endowment recognises the commitment of the Tata Steel Group and the University to world-leading research in the field, particularly in steels, as well as Prof. Bhadeshia's distinguished work in the subject.''

The Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy has a track record of contributing significantly to industrial materials technology and to academic leadership of the field at an international level.

Prof. Bhadeshia's expertise is on how processing steel influences microstructure.

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