Wednesday, December 03, 2008

11th International Rolling Mill Academy

ISC is pleased to announce details of the International Rolling Mill Academy - Advanced Control. This event is to be held in the Montrose Room (R2.15), Royal College Building, University of Strathclyde, 204 George Street, Glasgow on 2-6 March 2009. It builds on the success of ten prior courses. These meetings were held at various locations around the world and attended by more than 200 delegates from 50 companies and 25 countries.

The course introduces rolling mill engineers to state of the art control theory and practices in hot and cold mills with emphasis on product quality and cost optimisation. The focus of the course is on control design for thickness, width, profile, flatness and temperature. The potential of advances in multivariable control, predictive control, condition monitoring systems and mill simulations will be discussed.

More details can be found  here

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