Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shame on you Lord Taylor

I don't normally do "political" stuff, but on a day when Corus announced painful job cuts in the steel industry which will put 2,500 thousand men out of work, with little prospect of employment, it makes me sick to read of the allegations against Lord Taylor.

For the benefit of overseas readers, Lord Taylor is a Labour peer, the Labour party traditionally being the party of the working man. He allegedly offered to assist "undercover" Times reporters acting as representatives of overseas businesses in amending UK legislation to help their prospects in return for a cash.

It is even claimed that he boasted that some companies pay him as much as £100,000 a year to act as a fixer, adding: "That's cheap for what I do for them."

Today many men and women with mortgages and families face the prospect of unemployment, having seen the Government apparently rescue rich city bankers and defend corrupt and wealthy individuals.

Whilst I am not suggesting a "bail out" of industries owned by wealthy foreign individuals, or "propping up" terminal businesses I am calling for a return to supporting the manufacturing base and innovation of our engineers and entrepreneurs  to return the UK to be a productive and self sufficient economy again.

£99,999 would support a few families for while, or help a profitable business or two through difficult times, and I will throw in the last £1.00 for Lord Taylor's retirement party.








Peers apologise, but deny wrongdoing, as Sunday Times releases audio - Times Online

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