Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worry at steel plant as cutbacks threaten

STEEL workers in Port Talbot face an anxious wait to find out if they will suffer the same devastating blow as their colleagues in Newport.

Around 500 workers at Corus's Llanwern plant are being allowed to stay home on half of their basic pay because of a lack of work.

Although Corus has not made a similar announcement regarding Port Talbot, it has confirmed it will be looking to make extensive savings there to meet a Europe-wide target of saving £350 million over the next few months.

Some contractors are already believed to be shedding jobs because of the downturn in the demand for steel, which has seen the Port Talbot works mothballing one of its two blast furnaces.

The so-called guaranteed working week at Llanwern — which, like Port Talbot, is part of the Corus Strip Products UK division — will come into force on Sunday.

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