Monday, April 27, 2009

Mittal expected to cut steel output by up to 10%

Extract from article By Peter Marsh, Manufacturing Editor at FT.COM 

ArcelorMittal is likely to have to make permanent cuts of up to 10 per cent in its steelmaking capacity as the industry reels from the impact of the worst global recession in decades, industry observers have warned.

It has slashed output in recent months by nearly 50 per cent through the temporary closures of steel plants and by putting tens of thousands of its 300,000 workers on short-time working.

ArcelorMittal says it is not contemplating permanent shut-downs or divestments. But others in the steel industry think it may be pushed into taking such action.

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ArcelorMittal, have already made cut backs in production around the world, along with other major steel manufacturers. There is still however major over capacity throughout the industry with demand at an all time low.


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