Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New gas and welding wiki

We have recently been made aware of a new wiki that may be of interest to followers of our steel strip blog. Wikis can be great reference points as  hubs for information and resources. As wikis can be edited online and encourage contribution from the readers, who are generally professionals in the related subject matter, they can quickly grow to be an invaluable reference point.

Anyway thanks to Jeffrey Charboneau for informing us of the site.

GAWDAwiki is a comprehensive online information portal featuring the very best in gases and welding industry news and information. The site is located at

An online lexicon of industry terminology. The “wiki” part of GAWDAwiki is an interactive, user-generated reference of terms and concepts relating to the gases and welding industry. Use it as an information source or share your industry knowledge with the world by expanding on existing entries or creating new ones. Adding content is easy: Just follow the simple steps outlined at the site to create an account, and you’ll soon be on your way!

An industry resource. With GAWDAwiki, product demos, informative spec sheets, valuable white papers, an extensive buyers guide and the latest industry news are now just a mouse-click away!

Gases and Welding wiki: welding, torch, cylinder, acetylene...

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