Friday, April 01, 2005

End of an era

Well I heard this week from and old friend and ex boss of mine that he has retired from the Steel world. Malcolm was my chief when I joined the Cold Rolled Strip Sales department at Brinsworth Strip Mills, and without doubt, one of the real characters in the Steel World. I got off to a shaky start, mainly due to the fact that Malcolm insisted on my arriving at work on time, which conflicted with my habit of frequenting late night drinking venues.
Anyway I learned a lot from Malcolm, although I am sure he was not too disappointed when I took the decision to leave BSC and form my own company, something which he later did himself.
Malcolm was one of the real characters of the business, well educated and well travelled (He was export Sales manager for some years), and with a wealth of anecdotes and a humorous delivery. His stories particularly from South America and Russia are legend. He has for many years been involved in rowing and officiates at Henley Regatta, probably the pinnacle event in the rowing world.
Malcolm went on to represent a number of European steel strip manufacturers including Arania and latterly Kaltband, where he found a kindred spirit in “Freddie”, who shared Malcolm’s capacity to “hold his drink”, which has in the past been a pre-requisite of working in our industry.
Anyway, I could not let this occasion pass without mention, and I hope that Malcolm can contribute to our site with a story, from time to time.
Enjoy your retirement Malcolm

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