Friday, May 20, 2005

Brummie Day

I spent much of today negotiating the parking lot that is Birmingham and the Black Country, the M6 and M5 are always a joy! Tuning in to Radio WM can help avoid the odd standstill, although I can’t miss the Jeremy Vine show. Do those Sat-Nav doofer thingies, warn you of traffic jams or guide you smack in to them?

Anyway “cutting to the chase”, we are looking to find new suppliers, or forge partnerships with manufacturers of high carbon spring steel strip, CK67, CS70 etc. hardenable and heat treated. If anyone out there is looking to establish or expand sales in the UK, please contact us.
“Swapping hats” we are seeking to establish a sales operation in Eastern Europe and would welcome anyone with knowledge of the steel strip market there to get in touch.

Just a thought; if all those people who email me from the internet med sales sites can really increase penis length, guarantee two day erections, ensure weight loss, cure headaches and stop me smoking and drinking within days, why don’t they set up in the high street next to Boots and Superdrug, they would make millions!


Roger said...

East European strip essentially consists of Mittal Steel in Poland (and Czech Rep), USSK in Slovakia, Dunaferr in Hungary, and Kremikovtzi in Bulgaria. There are one or two other smaller players.

Not sure if they would have what you need....

Hunkar Karakaslar said...

Dear Sir,

I have seen yr comments on steel industry. We are steel trading agtency located in Turkey and we will be appreciated to start working with -of course if you are dealing with steel trading.

We are mainly in flat products + stainless steel biz & importing approx. 50-60000 MT per annum on behalf of our customers in Turkey. Our ergular suppliers are fm EU and fm East-Europe. Also dealing partly with Indian /Chienese suppliers for S/S.

Hope to get more detailed info. fm yr side and yr ideas about biz possibilities with Turkey.

Best Regards

Hunkar Karakaslar

Steve said...

Thank you for the leads Roger

Thank you for post Hunkar, I have sent you an email