Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Paid Advertising?

I was checking out the Tinbasher Blog today. Paul was musing over the impact of paid advertising with trade directories such as Applegate, with “blogging” and their respective impact on the “bottom line”, enquiries.

I have listed my business BSS Steelstrip with a few of the companies that offer free listings such as Kelly’s and I have to say that they have been ineffective as far as I can determine on generating new business. Without doubt, getting your name in front of respective customers is important, but a web site that does not rank high on the search engines is unlikely to achieve that. I find it surprising therefore that only a limited number of producers have opted for the “free listing” we provide at Steelstrip Resources, when any search for Steel Strip will find our site high in the rankings of all the main search engines. The directory as it exists now is largely the result of my own knowledge and research, so if you are a producer who is not listed, then drop me an email from the link page provided on the site and get listed today!

Finally, most of the news that I gather for these musings, come from the various feeds that I gather from a number of sources, and chats with colleagues in the Industry. What we would like to report more of is the “smaller stories”. If you are involved in Steel Strip, and have anything interesting to say about your company, let us know, we will report it and you get the publicity. That has to be a winner, and it’s free!

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