Monday, November 14, 2005

Google fighting Spam Blogs

Whilst posting today, about hardened and tempered steel strip (and ending up moaning on about flash sites et al) I noticed that something called word verification had appeared at the bottom of my blogger post!

It's a character verification check which is presumably to stop automated, scripted spam blogs (splogs). It adds only a second or two to the blog publishing malarkey and if it cut's down on splogs then I for one don't mind at all.

Good move Google there are far too many of these things out there, but mine isn't one honest, it's not very good but it's not a spam blog :(

Spam Blogs are infuriating things that just list strings of keywords and links, with nil content that are used to try and trick search engines in to ranking them highly and bringing visitors and revenue (via advertising, click through etc.) to their sites.

They deserve the same contempt as the bastards that send me emails everyday for Viagara, College Degrees, replica watches and other unmentionable products.

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