Monday, November 14, 2005

Hardened and Tempered Steel Strip

Recently I have had a number of requests for suppliers of Hardened and Tempered cold rolled steel strip. To make the location of these suppliers easier we have added a page to Steelstrip Resources listing known suppliers here. If you are a producer that is not listed please contact us via the Steelstrip Site or leave a comment here.
Whilst checking out suppliers I was amazed to find how difficult some of the websites make it to find details of their products. If a determined researcher finds it challenging to learn what a company produces, a busy buyer is going to leave the site faster than than the rate at which the UK Government bans things. That is providing the web designer has not disabled the back browsing button.
Using keywords in HTML to get an appropriate listing in a search engine gains nothing if a visitor then finds no related content to make him read further. Surely web designers do not think that disabling the back browser is a tactic that will keep the visitor? Piss him off yes, keep him surely not.
This brings me back to another of my “pet hates”, innapropriate use of flash technology. Am I alone in finding flash introductions infuriating? Are they really entertaining, is it me that is missing the point? Even with a broadband connection they just slow things down without achieving anything.
Anyway enough of my moaning more on hardened and tempered strip here

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