Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guy Dolle, first victim of Mittal Arcelor deal?

According to a report by Brian Holmes at the Earth Times Guy Dolle will be leaving the company a soon as a new chief executive has been chosen for the company. When this was announced by chairman Joseph Kinsch at a press conferance on Monday, Dolle left the conferance, refusing to take questions from the press.
Guy Dolle has consistently (as reported often here) spoken out strongly against the Mittal offer, his comments often insulting and occasionally bordering on racism.

Arcelor’s shareholders, have still to vote against the rival bid by Severstal, but many see this as a foregone conclusion believing that the deal was being foisted on them only to evade the Mittal offer.


Tulip said...

An Indian myself, I am proud of what Mr LN Mittal has achieved. I hope the deal goes thru smoothly. I caught his interview on TV, on the Simi Garewal Show. He is such a simple man. Hats off to him.


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Steve said...


You are right to be proud of Mr Laksi Mittal, his achievements in the face of strong opposition over the Arcelor affair are considerable.

There is still a possibility that the shareholders could consider the Russian deal, but I think that highly unlikely.


Khalil said...

I'm an Indian too. Mittal hails from a community in North West India, called Marwaris. These are the most detested people. I was hoping he'd lose. I'd never buy anything from a Marwari. If I ever bought a car, I'd make sure the supplier of steel is a non-Marwari.