Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Steel Strip Resources - Make me smile!

Checking our weblogs today brought a smile to even my craggy northern features. On Friday the 16th of June, we recorded 1,988 page views at our Steelstrip Resources website from 821 unique visitors.

For the webmasters at major gaming/music/sex websites I am sure those figures would “majorly” fail to impress, but to a specialised website like ours those figures are the equivalent of a number one in the “Indie” charts!

Thank you to all visitors, I hope you find the site of some help and if you don’t email me and tell me why. I can take on board any objective criticism, totally ignore you or ask you to marry me. Please check out the “Google ads” as they help to fund the site, which otherwise consists of me paying money to some cyberhost-thingie for some obscure service!

I will continue to expand the site to hopefully make it of more use to existing and future visitors, and I welcome (and invite) any contributions in terms of copy, comments or even advertising that you may have.

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