Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alloy surcharges soar - Stainless steel prices under pressure

The record average nickel price in February at above $US41,000 per tonne will result in substantially higher alloy surcharges for austenitic grades of steel in the near term. In the US, the surcharge for type 304 cold rolled coil will top $US3,700 per tonne in April. A different method of calculating the surcharge applies in the EU and this month's nickel price will, we estimate, push it to over $US3,500 (€2,600) per tonne in May for the same product.

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Anonymous said...

$200 gap between EU and American market price seems too large ,too huge to put my faith in .by the way is $3700 the price with tax imposed on and what's tax percentage imposed on stainless steel CR coil with maximal thickness no more than 3.00mm