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Servosteel: Launch new steel processing line

For Immediate Release 20th APRIL 2007


Servosteel, the UK’s largest Strip Steel Toll Processor, is delighted to announce today the official launch of a new technology solution to clean and flatten hot rolled black steel coil to a standard surpassing any other method. The process, known as SCS®, has been installed at Servosteel’s main facility in Dudley, The West Midlands at a total investment of £3.4 million.

The processing line has been acquired from Red Bud Industries and Servosteel is at present the only company in the world offering this service outside of North America. Indeed, as part of the investment Servosteel has acquired exclusive UK rights to the SCS® technology for the next 3 years. The line has the capacity to process 200,000 tonnes of steel coil per year.

Today’s launch is being attended by over 150 of Servosteel’s customers from across the UK and continental Europe and Sir Digby Jones, the former Director General of the CBI and well known voice for the West Midlands and UK manufacturing is the guest of honour.

A revolutionary technology

The SCS® process is very different from the traditional pickling process for cleaning steel in that it uses only water under high pressure and specially developed abrasive brushes rather than a hydrochloric acid bath. A unique feature is that after the cleaning process has been completed the steel will remain rust free under normal conditions without the need for any coating or covering with oil, which is required for pickled coil. Samples from early stages of the SCS process development are now some three and a half years old and still show no signs of rust!

This is because the SCS® brushing process removes the topmost layers of scale, leaving only a thin (about 7 microns) brushed layer of wustite scale. Wustite's chemistry is different from the top layers of scale - it has fewer oxygen atoms in a molecule, which leaves the treated coil with a rust inhibitive surface.

Exceptional flatness is also achieved by the SCS® roller levellers combined with the extreme tension generated by the recoiler, even with very poorly shaped material with significant buckling or edge wave, thus enabling the system to reclaim secondary coils.

Good for the Environment

Importantly SCS® is a very environmentally friendly way of cleaning steel coil; the water is recycled for reuse via a sophisticated filtration system with the only byproduct being the remaining residue of metallic scale, which is recycled with other steel scrap. Thus there is no hazardous or toxic material or waste to deal with and so any health hazards and threats to the environment are eliminated

Link to Servosteel: The UK's No.1 Steel Processors


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