Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sprint Fastening Systems for joining steel

I had a phone call today from a company that offer a metal fastening system that may be of interest to a wide number of steel users:-

SPRint Self Pierce Riveting is a process, where the rivet pierces its own path through the sheets of steel,

in one quick, simple, no mess operation (no swarf, all materials remaining in the joint), producing a structural

joint of up to 2.5T shear performance. The joint being sealed, also has high corrosion resistance.

A wide range of insertion equipment is available, from battery powered portable tools to fully automated

manufacturing cells.

Ideal for joining:

  • Cold rolled and hot rolled steel
  • Pre-coated and pre-galvanised steel
  • Joining other metals, plastics, composites to steel
  • Thin steels of 0.4mm and thicker steels up to 16mm stack
  • All grades of steel including high yield steels of 500 MPa and above, including dual phase steels such as DP800


· One quick, simple, no mess operation

· No preparation of surfaces, no painting or repair after joining

· Steel coatings undamaged

· High performance joint up to 2.5T per fastener

· High corrosion resistance up to 4000 hrs salt spray, to the first sign of surface rust

· Option of flush finish, for ease of cladding

· Time saved, costs reduced, throughput increased

For more information pop over to their website below

Link to Sprint Fastening Systems LTD

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