Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arvedi to put up ESP plant at Cremona

Italian Acciaieria Arvedi SpA announced that they are going to build the world’s first Arvedi endless strip production plant for the continuous production of finished steel strip at the company’s existing site at Cremona in Italy. Start up is scheduled for 2008.

The facility will produce high quality hot rolled and coiled thin strip in a wide range of steel grades in an endless process from liquid steel to rolled goods. The new single line plant will be designed to yield an annual capacity of more than 2 million tonnes of rolled steel.

Arvedi, which has employed inline strip production technology since 1992, has developed the new Arvedi ESP process in which the cast thin slabs will be immediately rolled to strip and coiled in a continuous endless process.

The line layout can be subdivided into four main plant sections. The first covers the thin slab caster with liquid core reduction and three high reduction stands at the exit of the casting machine serving for in line rolling. The downstream section comprises the induction furnace where the intermediate strip is equalized. Subsequently, the 5 stand 4 high finishing mill followed by the cooling line, allows for the rolling of strip to thicknesses between 12mm and 1mm in widths of up to 1570 mm. The fourth section consists of the high speed flying shear and three downcoilers. The line is said to have a total length of 190 meter.

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